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Get in Shape

BURN IT UP With Body Burn


The Body Burn® Difference

In the competitive world of personal training, fitness classes, and bootcamps; what makes Body Burn Bootcamp and personal training so unique?? 


Body Burn Bootcamp and Training combines 4 principles of exercise to give you solid results that help you burn calories, build lean muscles, and banish fat. The "Body Burn®" difference has many meanings  -- 

  • One, we do cardio blasts throughout the course of the workout to keep your heart rate elevated for maximum fat loss.  


  • Two, the burn you feel after the class is over.  This "After Burn," effect is what allows your body to change and evolve throughout the course of the class.  


Not Your Average Bootcamp!  We don't scream at you or force you to do exercises your body isn't ready for.   BBB is arranged in a circuit training fashion which allows you to go at the speed and the intensity that you choose.  


"Get the guidance you need for the body you deserve."


We have paused Bootcamps for the  moment.
Currently, we only do personal training.  
We use this training method as part of our one on one training.

bootcamp pasadena

No matter what your budget, we have packages to suit your needs.   From personal training to couples training you pick the type of training to maximize your fitness goals.

personal training monrovia

   *Lose weght, drop inches, and body fat!

   *Build muscle and improve your overall fitness for every level. 


Out of shape?  No Problem!  These workouts allow you to go at your own pace and at your own level. 

In Need of a Personal Trainer in Pasadena?   Purchase one on one training or join one of our bootcamps!

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