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Not sure if you're ready to commit??   See what our other clients have to say! 

Elizabeth C.

“I first saw Adria after my freshman year of college, in which I gained the stereotypical freshmen 15...if not more.  I came to her overweight, out of shape, and just overall not feeling good about myself.  Because I went to school thousands of miles away, I could only train with her when I was home for breaks.  But, every session I had was great and everytime I was home I managed to lose some of the weight I had put on from school.  She always was able to get me back into shape no matter how badly I'd fallen out of it.  

My favorite thing, however, about Adria is that she knows what my own health issues are and how to address it and always is thinking of me when something comes along whether supplements to take or what to eat or not to eat.  She knows what types of foods are good for the conditions that I have.  Not many trainers that I've come across have this knowledge and expertise.  

After 4 years now, I still see Adria to train and come to her for advice on nutrition and fitness."

Lisa W.

“I met Adria 10 months ago and she has changed my life!

I set a goal... I wanted to be a certain size before my big 40 birthday... I have to say I am not the most motivated of people when it came to diet and exercise, but she took my goal seriously and helped me stick to it.

She introduced me to an App where I logged my food and she could check it daily and she would send me text reminders to do something.  She kept me aware of what I needed to do, without going over the top.  Slowly my eating habits changed and my diet.  I cut out caffeine, soda and dairy completely and she kept me on a workout schedule and even created a plan when I would travel.

I recently had surgery and she adapted my workouts so that I could remain on track with my goal.

I've lost 30lbs and 3 dress sizes and I'm on track... I look forward to our training sessions and can't imagine working with anyone else. Thanks Adria... you rock!

Sabrina H.

“Adria has been my personal trainer for a great deal of years now. I have had over 5 other personal trainers and she is by far the best. Not only is she great at motivating you to push the boundaries in each workout, but she also take the time to really encourage clients to make life style changes that make sure that you get the results you want.

One of her best attributes as a trainer is that she is incredibly knowledgeable about the newest information, newest breakthrough in nutrition, or newest fun workouts that is coming out in the health world. She does her research and always makes sure that her information is current and relevant.

Most importantly, she's incredibly funny which makes workouts with her a plus! Who wants to be stuck with a boring, mean trainer?


Diane J.


"Adria has been my personal trainer many for years now.  She has changed my way of exercising, personal goals and way of eating.  I am in the best shape of my life.  It's interesting how you live a certain way on a daily basis for years and then meet someone with expertise and knowledge, what a difference it makes in your quality of life, oh and of course, how you look.  Adria is excellent in what she does. She is a fabulous trainer as well as a wonderful person inside and out.  Adria, you're the best!"

Julie V.

“With most trainers & gyms & boot camps, it's always about the next client, the next membership, the next session.  Never you as a person.  Just a number.

That is never the case with Adria.  I've trained with Adria for several years.  She continually makes me feel like I'm her only client.  She is genuinely invested in me and my health.  

She is trustworthy, honest, and expects you to work hard for you.  In fact, she had me doing so many things I never thought possible.  But she trusted me and encouraged me to work harder, push through without injuries.

It never became an issue of dress sizes, or number of pounds.  It was a relationship of trust, health, well being and strength.  

If you're looking to make a difference in your life whether it's losing the weight, new life goals, or just feeling better about yourself, I highly recommend that you spend your time and resources with Adria.  It will be hard work, but you will always be glad you've dedicated yourself to a healthy life with Adria by your side.

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